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I'm an absurdist. Can you tell?

I like to show up with beady but positive eyes

Absurdists recognise the world around them as a construct. Its structures, insanities, are man-made. We can unmake and remake them better, turning chaos into purpose.

Entropy, a measure of disorder, explains why life seems to get more, not less, complicated as time goes by. Humans attempt to create order out of chaos but often make complexity. I am in favour of simplifying things.


I use mental models that employ light behavioural and decision hacks to get into things as they truly are. To unblock barriers and leverage levers. I am known to ask a lot of whys and talk a lot about problems. I love them. Problems are where breakthroughs lie.

My background is diverse and, regardless of sector, I have always been involved in making something from the gound up or making something better. You can dip in to what I've done on LinkedIn or you can book a 'hello' with me.

That way I get to learn about you.


never too far from something visible and visual and always focused on removing clicks and friction

There is a keystroke crisis and a clickstream chaos out in the world today. I don't plan to add to it.

You won't see chunky reports from me but you will receive active tools, dashboards and data that you have told me you are comfortable using. Plans are all on one page and that takes some doing. Vitally, I will co-work with you so that the approach is shoulder to shoulder and contiguous. My work is always visible.

I see my role as to hold up what is already good in the world, to make it possible for everyone to see themselves as a changemaker and to act where I can accelerate others. Lean Impact aside I am method agnostic. There is always a tool or a hack for getting shit done so let's just get started.


Zooming out often makes a great place to begin. We map the big picture and decide where to zoom in. This is something I often do visually (eyes right please!).


Here's one I made earlier. A private Trello board providing a topline Situation Analysis for an Education Foundation.


Nancy Bikson, MD

Sarah is highly professional and committed to success and gets her hands dirty when necessary. She has been a trusted confidante, someone you can pass the ball to, and will field the odd hot potato. I would highly recommend Sarah's work and personal ethic.


Dmitry Garin, Program Director

Sarah was a huge help setting our new and complex product on the right track. Her knowledge of the philanthropy landscape, combined with lean approach, is what we needed.