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 Would you like to achieve more with less waste, confusion and burnout?

I'm a strategist focused on lean innovation and leadership practises that help you raise your game without exhausting your energy.

I love to support charities and purpose-driven organisations through their lean management mindset and operational transformations

I help you to be ambitious and take your organisation to a level it hasn't previously reached. Sharing your real journey, I support you by extending your insight and your reach. I energise and equip you and I have your back.  

Together, we look with radical attention at things like Lean Leadership, Problem Definition (ooh), North Stars, Theories of Change, skill-stacking, process efficiency, workstream visibility, Minimum Viable Products, new mental and business models, lightweight experiments, digitalisation, new systems and collaboration. We think big, start small and relentlessly pursue impact  - in order to level up and lean forwards with confident ambition.

We do this in order to give you:

  • Nimble leadership skills for navigating uncertainty without burn out

  • A people-driven internal growth engine rooted in radical respect

  • De-risked manageable innovations that deliver verifiable impact

  • Continuous improvement in all organisation areas open to change

  • Memorable methods and tantalising tools that genuinely help innovation, replication/scaling and partnership/collaboration - without creating more work

  • Space to enjoy and share your journey

It's what you and your social purpose organisation deserves.


Are you craving the chance to be audacious?

In the modern age our attention has become a commodity where distraction earns others but often depletes our own energy. Radical attention returns us to absorption or focus so that we can pay attention to what matters and be more purposeful.

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I'm a lean impact advocate

Late in 2019, whilst closing the doors of my tech startup, I read the book 'Lean Impact - How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good' by Ann Mei Chang. It was instantly clear that I had found the nexus for my own experiences in the non profit, corporate and startup worlds.


Lean impact is where Lean Startup Principles meet Social Purpose and Impact Measurement imperatives. Don't worry if you don't yet know about lean, or feel it might be technical or complex. Your purpose and your impact are all you need to get started! As a people-focused approach, lean identifies where you are and starts with what is already working. It then coaches you through cycles of continual learning, measurement and improvement until your value and efficiency are at their best. The exciting part is when you also look at your long-term impact audaciously and work backwards from these stellar ambitions. There are some parallels with a theory of change.


If you are interested in learning more, I can recommend you read Ann Mei's book. If you are short of time you could instead read my synopsis, or if we work together, you might end up choosing it from my gratitude gift shelf!

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Social change is multi-layered. This makes finding the right solutions and innovating more complex than in other sectors. In a seemingly counter-intuitive way, Lean Impact brings forward practises that simplify and validate the path to maximum impact.


It allows ethical leaders to work backwards from a notion of the problem solved and iterate forwards through the most effective increments of social good. Vitally, this is done in close collaboration with beneficiaries and stakeholders so that all learning is validated and all failures are paths towards success. In Lean Impact we do more with less and we learn by doing, so we always have real-world experiments in play and we routinely test our assumptions to be sure that we are making verifiable progress on the problem. The call to action for Lean Impact is to start with an audacious goal, much like asking yourself the question "are we trying to empty the ocean with a spoon?" (Ann Mei Chang). It is a joy to work with.

The 3 principles that underpin Lean Impact are:

  1. Think Big – set audacious goals and build an engine for growth that will move the needle relative to the size of the problem

  2. Start Small – build the agility to run fast experiments and drive feedback loops that will accelerate your pace of learning and reduce waste of time and money

  3. Relentlessly Pursue Impact – identify and track the metrics that matter to increase impact and scale

Read my synopsis

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