get (the right) shit done

Leaders need to manage their energy before their time and their tasks

Warm thanks to Walter Bulmer for giving me permission to use his wonderful photograph. Visit his Flickr for more delights.

A lack of focus and flow is debilitating. Too often we just get in the way of ourselves.

Our best work lies in the spaces between our actions and our (over-active) thoughts. It is my aim to give you that space and here are a few ways I can help you get the right shit done:





Stand side by side with you as a sounding board and critical friend

Packages from £400 / month (1 hour / week mentoring call)


Examine your market or your modus operandi for actionable insights

A study usually begins with a 2 day helicopter view and discovery session leading to a summary report and a further proposal for a deep dive should you want it.


Unpack problems, deliver strategy and get you through difficult decisions

Diagnostics vary depending on how wicked your problem is or how much input your strategy needs. 


Design innovative solutions to get you upstream

Innovation is what sets you apart from those around you. It is your attempt to work back from the future.

Let's get you more focus and flow. A chat will help us work it all out.


Get hold of my GSD Trello Board

We all need a trusted system for managing vast amounts of information. Make space in the compartments of your mind with my Get The Right Shit Done Trello board complete with power cards and productivity hacks. You can copy my template and make it your own and even import it to other fabulous platforms like Miro, Notion and Clickup.